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Pediatric Associates Prof., LLC provides current evidence-based care, from guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


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  • Call our office to make sure your child/teen is up-to-date on their Well Child/Teen Check.
  • SPORTS FORMS - Pediatric Associates has changed how we do sports forms.  School districts are willing to accept these in place of the old form. Parents must still fill out all other required documents by the school. If you need a sports form for Middle or High school athletics, please let our staff know and we will be able to sign the form, fax it to the school or have it ready for pick-up within 48 hours of notice. Your teen must have had a well check within the last 12 months. GO SPORTS!
  • Due to the High Volume of health, daycare and sports forms, please allow us 72 hours to process your forms! Thank you!
  • The TEEN CENTER is located in a building just behind our current Montrose location. The Teen Center is available to all teens, for all types of appointments and education, with a more grown up feel.